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Ciclovia Belfast- the freedom of cycling without the worry

Andrew Grieve Head of Department for Infrastructure Walking and Cycling Unit, Safe and Sustainable Travel Division, offers his thoughts on Ciclovia Belfast – 7th October 2018

If you ever wanted to get on your bicycle but were worried about cycling in traffic – now is the time to spring into action! Ciclovia will give you the opportunity to turn those pedals without the worry of motor vehicles on the road. Around 10% of Belfast residents already cycle regularly. According to Belfast Bike Life, over 50% (the silent majority) would like to start cycling or cycle more frequently but they are concerned about safety. If this describes you then Ciclovia is for you! It will give you the freedom to cycle without worry. It will give you the confidence to get on the bike and give it a go. Cycling is the easy, convenient and, yes, enjoyable way to get about the city. It is the route to travel freedom! If you don’t believe me, come to Ciclovia and prove me wrong!

Rachael Harriott

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